Denver and Little Rock Appellate Lawyers

The attorneys at Brown Dunning Walker Fein Drusch PC have experience providing a range of appellate services to our clients. This experience includes both successfully appealing lower court decisions, as well as successfully defending against appeals brought by opposing parties. Additionally, the firm's attorneys have provided appellate services at all levels of Colorado's state and federal courts, including the Colorado Court of Appeals, the United States Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit, the Bankruptcy Appellate Panel for the 10th Circuit, and the Colorado Supreme Court.

Guiding Clients Through the Appeals Process

The firm's lawyers are well-versed in the two main facets of appellate advocacy: brief writing and oral argument. However, before making the decision to appeal, the firm can help a client evaluate whether an appeal is the right course of action. Whether to appeal a case can depend on a variety of factors including costs, time, the type of issue being appealed, and the likelihood that an appeal will be successful. Brown Dunning Walker Fein Drusch PC's attorneys have the scope and depth of experience necessary to help their clients navigate through this decision process.

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