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Serious legal matters related to your business require sophisticated and efficient legal services. As a small, boutique law firm, Brown Dunning Walker Fein Drusch PC is able to provide the advice and representation your business needs. The attorneys at the firm combine legal knowledge and experience with a practical grasp of the business world.

Whether you plan to form a business, need advice about compliance with government regulations, are facing business litigation or are in need of other business law services, contact Brown Dunning Walker Fein Drusch PC to set up an appointment with an experienced commercial/business attorney.

Helping Establish the Proper Framework for Your Business

Choosing the proper framework for your business is essential to its future success. The attorneys at Brown Dunning Walker Fein Drusch PC will discuss with you your goals, your expectations, your resources, your business model, your level of liability, and other factors. By listening and reviewing your needs, they can help you determine what type of framework would be best for you. Options include the S corporation, C corporation, LLC, PLLC, and various other entities, all of which come with different advantages, disadvantages, and tax ramifications.

Business/Commercial Transactions and Litigation

The lawyers at Brown Dunning Walker Fein Drusch PC have extensive experience handling transactions and litigating cases on behalf of their clients. Whether drafting, reviewing, negotiating, or litigating, they provide aggressive representation in cases involving:

Denver Commercial Business Attorney FAQs

Is Business Litigation The Only Way to Resolve a Business Dispute?

No. You can resolve a business dispute through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options, such as arbitration, mediation, and informal settlement negotiations. ADR options are usually employed before litigation or during one in an attempt to resolve the dispute, which will enable all the parties involved to better understand and evaluate their potential exposure, defenses, and claims. It is also very common for business disputes to be set up in a way that lets the parties informally discuss or formally mediate their issues before a trial.

However, some litigated business disputes that end up being resolved through negotiations will require approval from the court. It’s crucial that negotiated settlements are accurately documented to protect the business. Working with a knowledgeable and experienced Denver commercial business attorney to handle settlement documentation and negotiations will help your business avoid exposure to liability and any ambiguities.

Will My Personal Property be at Risk If Someone Sues My Business?

Generally speaking, a business that’s formed and maintained properly will shield owners from liability. There are, however, various ways that this protection or shield could be lost:

  • A business that’s inadequately capitalized may expose itself to liability.
  • An individual can’t utilize an entity to shield themselves from their own malpractice or negligent actions.
  • A business used for improper purposes, like defrauding creditors, can be pierced to give creditors access to the owner’s assets.
  • A director or officer may be liable to third parties, other owners, or the business itself for improper distributions or deceitful acts involving a breach of fiduciary duty.

It is also immensely vital to note that some business structures do not provide any liability protection for owners. In such cases, if the business makes improper or fraudulent transfers to owners and they are aware that there is a claim against it, the owner can be held liable.

Can I Resolve a Business Dispute On My Own, or Do I Need a Denver Commercial Business Attorney?

If the dispute is already being litigated, you must seek legal advice from a Denver commercial business attorney right away. If the dispute will most likely end up being litigated, you must take certain steps to protect your and your business’s interests to prepare properly for the imminent litigation. Knowing that a dispute may result in litigation will normally create specific legal requirements for your business, including avoiding more liability or preserving records.

Unfortunately, plenty of business owners who try to DIY a business in hopes of saving more money end up actually spending more money on legal fees because they need help resolving their legal issues after DIY-ing and complicating or creating more issues. Having the guidance of a Denver commercial business attorney as early on as possible in a dispute can help businesses better understand their position, what they’re facing, the best options for them, and the cost-benefit assessment of the different options, including litigation, settlement, mediation, or other ADR options.

Many times, litigation is a result of mismanaging a business dispute that could’ve been resolved through informal settlement and with less expense and time if the owner sought legal advice right from the start.

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