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In every business transaction, there lies within the possibility that a dispute may arise. Litigation may be the final word on conflict resolution, bringing about the ultimate end to any dispute. While some litigation can be cost-intensive, time-intensive, and painstaking, other cases may be disposed of by mediation or telephone calls. Brown Dunning Walker Fein Drusch PC seeks to make the litigation process both effective and cost-efficient.

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  • Commercial contract disputes
  • Appeals
  • Arbitration and mediation
  • Lender liability

Aggressive, Cost-Effective Representation

The key in undertaking any litigation is to find a lawyer who will represent you aggressively, and who will ensure that no detail is overlooked in making the strongest possible case for your position.

Because litigation is so time and cost intensive, it's important for your business that your strategy includes measures that won't sacrifice the very results you seek. The attorneys at Brown Dunning Walker Fein Drusch PC have strong business acumen, and they work to identify practical, efficient solutions that consider the impact of litigation on your operational capabilities. As a smaller, boutique law firm, they are also able to offer services that are more efficient than could be found at larger firms.

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