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Brown Dunning Walker Fein Drusch PC represents contractors who are attempting to collect payment for work they’ve completed for homeowners and developers – focusing on creditors’ rights. This includes contractors with mechanics’ liens, construction defect disputes, and the lawful implementation of the Construction Trust Fund Statute.

Skilled Representation in All Construction Law Matters

If you’re facing construction litigation and need focused legal representation in any of the following areas, look no further than Brown Dunning Walter Fein Drusch PC:

At Brown Dunning Walker Fein Drusch PC, we can help you explore your best legal options in the context of sound business advice. Because when you’re facing a business dispute, legal advice is only half the battle. We take a practical business approach that prioritizes your company’s bottom line while providing you with the kind of sophisticated, personalized legal guidance that you may equate with much larger firms.

Addressing Non Payment Disputes

Contractors and owners often get creative when it comes to withholding payment owed to contractors and subcontractors, but the law offers considerable protections, including:

Mechanic’s Liens

Mechanic’s liens offer a robust remedy in the face of nonpayment, but proceeding in accordance with the law and relevant deadlines is paramount. Filing errors or delays can thwart your ability to recover payment, which makes working closely with a trusted construction litigation attorney to your advantage. 

Defending Yourself in the Face of Construction Defect Claims

The Colorado Construction Defect Action and Reform Act (CDARA) outlines the procedures in relation to notice, inspection, and remedy required for taking a claim to court. Remaining within these legal boundaries is key to your claim’s success and requires careful review of the underlying contracts, the involved insurance program, and all correspondence between you and the company from whom you seek payment. A savvy construction litigation lawyer is standing by to gather and skillfully compile the necessary information and documentation, knowledgeably analyze the legal concern, and help determine your best path forward – whether that means negotiations, arbitration, mediation, or litigation.


Who are mechanic’s liens intended to help?

In the State of Colorado, any of the following who are facing concerns regarding payment can assert their rights through mechanic’s liens:

What if I don’t have a written contract?

There’s no general requirement that a contract be in writing in order to file a mechanic’s lien in Colorado, but that changes if the contract price exceeds $500.

Is there a deadline for filing a mechanic’s lien?

Yes, contractors generally have only four months from the last date that labor or materials were provided for the project in question. For laborers only – who don’t provide materials for the project – this window is abbreviated to just two months from completion.

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