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Should My Lawyer Review My Contract?

Many individuals and business owners who are considering entering a contract wonder whether they need legal counsel and review of the agreement. Absolutely, having your lawyer review your contract is a critical step in protecting your legal interests and ensuring that the terms are fair and favorable to you.

Most legal contracts involve complex legal language and terms, and signing a contract you do not fully understand puts you at risk of unnecessary losses or liability. Do not risk this situation; have a Denver business attorney review the contract and advise if it is favorable to you.

The right lawyers are well-versed in relevant contract requirements and can ensure that the contract adheres to local, state, and federal laws. This is particularly important as contracts that violate laws or regulations may be unenforceable.

Understanding Terms and Conditions

Contracts often contain complex language and legal jargon. A lawyer can break down these terms, ensuring that you fully comprehend your rights, obligations, and any potential risks involved.

Identifying Ambiguities

Legal professionals are trained to identify ambiguities or vague language in contracts that could lead to disputes in the future. Clear and precise language helps prevent misunderstandings.

Negotiating Changes

If there are terms that are unfavorable or unclear, a lawyer can negotiate with the other party to amend the contract to better suit your needs. This can include adjusting timelines, payment terms, or other provisions.

Risk Assessment

Lawyers can assess the potential risks associated with the contract. This includes evaluating the likelihood of disputes, financial risks, and other factors that could impact your interests.

Protecting Your Interests

Your lawyer’s primary duty is to protect your interests. They will review the contract with a focus on ensuring that it aligns with your goals and objectives.

Spotting Hidden Fees or Obligations

Contracts may include hidden fees, obligations, or conditions that are not immediately apparent. A lawyer can identify and explain these elements, allowing you to make informed decisions.

Preventing Unintended Consequences

Without a legal review, you might unintentionally agree to terms that have unforeseen consequences. Lawyers can help you understand the potential impacts of each provision.

Ensuring Enforceability

A lawyer can confirm that the contract is legally enforceable. This involves ensuring that the agreement meets all necessary legal requirements and that both parties have the legal capacity to enter into the contract.

Customizing to Your Needs

Contract templates may not fully align with your specific needs. Lawyers can tailor contracts to your unique circumstances, ensuring that they reflect your intentions accurately.


Contracts should be adaptable to changing circumstances. A lawyer can draft provisions that allow for modifications or termination in the event of unforeseen changes.

Do Not Wait to Speak With Our Denver Business Attorneys

In essence, having a lawyer review your contract is a proactive step toward mitigating risks, clarifying terms, and safeguarding your legal interests. It’s a small investment compared to the potential costs and complications that may arise from entering into an unclear or unfavorable agreement.

If you are in the Denver area, the business contract lawyers from Brown Dunning Walker Fein Drusch PC can assist you. Contact us to learn more today.